U14 Local Competition Grant Sign-Up Form

Welcome to an exciting new aspect of the Inspire a Generation programme, BWB are launching competition grants for the wheelchair basketball community. The grants will be focused on providing local competition by clubs for clubs.  

Following the National Junior Championships and the National School Games, the U14 Local Competition Grant is aiming to address a gap in current provision. This will support clubs to cater for the next generation of players. Clubs that wish to apply for this grant should submit a proposal describing the format and frequency of their competition.

This will be a staged process, and the first stage will be submitting the application form to register your interest (see below). Following this, there will be a discussion with the Inspire a Generation programme manager before any funding is confirmed.

The key priorities for the IAG competition grant will be:

  • Increasing participation in the sport and welcome new members to the game
  • Work in partnership with other clubs or organisations to provide positive experiences for players
  • Providing a competition format with several dates throughout the season
  • Affiliation and registration on Playwaze of all those involved in the competition (clubs, players, coaches and officials)

U14 Local Competition Grant Sign-Up Form

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About IAG

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Event Specifics

BWB is looking for clubs to describe how they wish to run competitions in their local area based on their needs and adapt the funding based on specific needs. Therefore we are open to discussion around what clubs require funding for. There will be priority given to those clubs that show shared investment and partnership to support the overall funding of any competition.
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