Find a place to compete

Be the person who makes the difference, who nurtures positive change in people’s lives, and helps find a route into activity and sport through wheelchair basketball. We are looking for Competition Organisers who share our passion, drive, and belief that activity has the potential to positively change lives in both the short and long term.

The key priorities for the IAG competitions are:
‣ Increasing participation in the sport and welcome new members to the game
‣ Work in partnership with other clubs or organisations to provide positive experiences for players
‣ Providing a sustainable competition format with several dates throughout the season
‣ Affiliation and registration on Playwaze of all those involved in the league (clubs, players, coaches and officials)

Competition Grants
There are two Local Competition Grants available to support new competition. After completing the application form, your journey to being a Competition Organiser will begin with a meeting with the Inspire a Generation Programme Manager.

Inspire Leagues
The Inspire Leagues programme is aimed to create new opportunities to participate in wheelchair basketball at a grassroots level. Teams can enter nationally to play locally, and be supported by BWB staff throughout the whole process.

League and Event Sanctioning
British Wheelchair Basketball is keen to support competition at any level outside of the National League. To ensure all competitions are safe and sustainable we have a list of criteria to meet the requirements for league sanctioning.