IAG Equipment Grant Application

Inspire a Generation Equipment Grants help approved local delivery partners to access equipment, namely sports chairs, to support the delivery of their IAG programmes.

A limited number of IAG Equipment Grants are available each year. Successful applicants will be notified of grant award via email, any unsuccessful organisations will have the opportunity to apply again in future rounds. 


1) Local Delivery Partner (LDP) Complete IAG Equipment Grant Application

2) IAG Equipment Grant Award Notification to LDP from BWB

3) LDP submits invoice (accompanied by supplier invoice) to BWB

4) BWB pays LDP IAG Equipment Grant

IAG Equipment Grant applications will be assessed against the following criteria.


Application must be from an ‘Approved’ IAG Local Delivery Partner.

Minimum of six sports wheelchairs to be purchased with IAG Equipment Grant award.

Sports chairs must be new and not refurbished or pre-owned.

Sports chairs must be purchased from a recognised manufacturer.

Maximum award is of £5,616 is available per IAG Equipment Grant.

A current sports wheelchair supplier/manufacturer quote must accompany the IAG Equipment Grant Application.

Application must demonstrate how the IAG Equipment Grant will positively impact the Local Delivery Partner’s community and support their delivery of the IAG Programme

Local Delivery Partner must make a commitment to actively deliver the IAG six week course(s) to new participants for a minimum of two years.

Applications that support delivery of courses within priority areas and/or targeting priority audiences included in the IAG programme will be prioritised.

IAG Equipment Grants Applicants must be based in England and delivering an England based IAG programme.

Terms and Conditions

A maximum of one IAG Equipment grant per single delivery partner may be awarded during the lifetime of the IAG programme.

A Local Delivery Partner can submit multiple IAG Equipment Grant Applications during the lifetime of the IAG Programme.

The purchased sports chairs must remain an asset of the Local Delivery Partner for four years (minimum).

Evidence of purchase must be provided upon request or audit by BWB (up to six years from purchase date).

Sports chairs must be serviced annually and maintained to ensure health and safety compliance.

A Local Delivery Partner invoice (zero VAT rated) to be submitted to BWB, accompanied by the wheelchair manufacturer/supplier invoice, prior to the IAG Equipment Grant payment being made.

Please note the Local Delivery Partner terms and conditions will continue to apply for IAG Equipment Grant Awards.


Applications are assessed on the last day of each month. You will be notified of a decision within 14 days.